“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”  – Anonymous

Photography is more than portraits and nature.  Things that can be missed by the naked eye can be captured in one click of a camera.  In the blink of an eye a water drop collides with another while smoke dances in the air to reveal hidden things.  Even ink dropped into water creates beautiful shapes that seem to mimic liquid silk.

I take photos because sharing what I see with the world is my passion.  My own eyes become a cameras lens as I search for the earth’s beauty that some might miss.

I want to thank my amazing husband, Russ for standing by me and supporting me, for being my designated driver on my crazy photo quests, and for creating this website so I can share my passion with you.

I pray that my photos speak to you in a special way. Thank you so much for visiting my site.

Debbie Painter – PhotoArtistry